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My Skincare Book is Done!

My first skincare book is done. Many thanks to my editor & all those who motivated me to put this in…

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Social Issues, Skin Lightening, and Safety

Source: http://www.doctoroz.com/blog/arthur-perry-md/staying-safe-skin-lightening


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Clearing Discoloration, Acne Scarring & Dark Spots with Nadinola

Hey Guys!

Have you tried Nadinola, or any other over-the-counter fade cream? What was your experience?

Enjoy the…


Are Kevin Durant and His Girlfriend/Fiancee On Break?

No!!! I hope not. I was rooting for them . And he was just talking about her on this show


Perfection: Is It Worth It?

Today’s society is a mess. Between the media selling us lies, the fashion industry taking a jab at our self-esteem, and…

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Exercise That Makes You Loose Weight. For Real!


Recently, by referral, I incorporated a training called HIIT to my workout routine and the results have been amazing. I…

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Motivational Monday: It’s All About What You Sow


Today, I was really inspired by something ¬†motivational speaker,¬†Eric Thomas said at one of his speaking gigs. He mentioned the…

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