Clearing Discoloration, Acne Scarring & Dark Spots with Nadinola

Hey Guys! Have you tried Nadinola, or any other over-the-counter fade cream? What was your experience? Enjoy the video:  

Are Kevin Durant and His Girlfriend/Fiancee On Break?

No!!! I hope not. I was rooting for them . And he was just talking about her on this show 🙁 Anyways,  if it’s true, I’m sure they’d be back together in no time. It’s one of those things in relationships. Hey, better now than when they are married. There’s no break in marriage. lolRead more

Perfection: Is It Worth It?

Today’s society is a mess. Between the media selling us lies, the fashion industry taking a jab at our self-esteem, and girls competing with each other  – doing whatever – for some male attention, there’s very little to be desired of this generation. Our generation. “Perfection is a disease of a nation” Nonetheless, I believeRead more

Exercise That Makes You Loose Weight. For Real!

  Recently, by referral, I incorporated a training called HIIT to my workout routine and the results have been amazing. I would keep on going, but how about I let the video below do the talking. Hope you enjoy it!  

Motivational Monday: It’s All About What You Sow

  Today, I was really inspired by something  motivational speaker, Eric Thomas said at one of his speaking gigs. He mentioned the ever so cliché quote “You reap what you sow” but it was what followed  that really got me thinking. Right after the quote he said, “If you sow a million seeds you will reapRead more

Motivational Monday: Do More Of What Makes You Happy

    Yesterday,  I came across a video by Brian Tracy titled, ¨Attain Your Own Happiness¨. The video not only left me inspired, but further reinforced  my decision to only engage in things that make me happy. Whatever it is, if it doesn’t make me happy or is at least a means to a happy endRead more

Motivational Monday: Make It Happen

I awoke to an email from someone I consider a career mentor. I had asked her for advice on navigating a career path, and she honored my request with a beautiful email, detailing her career journey. What stood out in her email was the amount of action she took to get to where she isRead more