Are Kevin Durant and His Girlfriend/Fiancee On Break?

No!!! I hope not. I was rooting for them . And he was just talking about her on this show 🙁 Anyways,  if it’s true, I’m sure they’d be back together in no time. It’s one of those things in relationships. Hey, better now than when they are married. There’s no break in marriage. lolRead more

Be Inspired: J. Cole Embraces His Flaws on “Crooked Smile” [Must Listen]

I think every female needs to hear this. Anyone that knows me, knows I listen to a lot of J.cole and this is one of the reasons why.Earlier in the week, Rapper, J.Cole released a very empowering record- titled “Crooked smile”. Known for his art of storytelling, Cole addresses the aesthetic pressures that we human beings goRead more

4 Things We Learned From Oprah’s Speech at Harvard University

During Yesterday’s 2013 commencement address, media mogul Oprah Winfrey gave an Inspiring and heart felt speech while sharing several of her personal “aha” moments with the graduating class of Harvard University. We may not be part of the 2013 graduating class at Harvard University, but we can all learn from its commencement address. Below areRead more

Beyonce Shares Behind The Scene Footage From Her “Mrs Cater” World Tour

Beyoncé seems to be more open to sharing content on social media, she recently released a slew of behind-the-scenes visuals from the recent tour dates. Looks like fun to me….Check it out below. Oh Bey! I’m glad I’m not the only that still rocks my ripped tights/sock/pantyhose. Via Your thoughts?

Kanye West A Marketing Genius?

I went to school for Marketing.Yes! I actually paid to learn “how to get and keep people’s attention” yet none of what I was taught measure up the creative and marketing genius of Kanye West.  “If I were I a CMO, I’d hire Kanye on retainer. True, I don’t think it would be a goodRead more

Here We Go: Kanye Rants At Private NYC Party

As annoying as Kanye is, it is really hard to stay mad at him because dude is actually funny. Although he has horrible timing, we like how he chooses to express his feelings instead of bottling †hem up. We also enjoy his random rants every now and then. Below is the latest installment in hisRead more

Kelly Admits She Was Envious Of Beyonce’s Success and More…

Kelly Rowland‘s next single, the reflective “Dirty Laundry”  will show a side of her that Fans might not be too familiar with. On her new track, she admits that she was envious of Beyoncé’s success and was even involved in an abusive relationship.  One of the verses goes: “When my sister was on stage killin’ it likeRead more