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My Skincare Book is Done!

My first skincare book is done. Many thanks to my editor & all those who motivated me to put this in…

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Skincare Regime – The Best Skin Treatment of 2016


” If you are going to add new purpose to your skincare regime this year, make it this:…

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Skincare Routine –The Face

Hi guys! In the embedded video, I go over my Skincare Routine, with a focus on the face….


5 Skincare Products Every Man & Woman Needs at any Age

To summarize, every man and woman needs a good exfoliant, cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and eye cream. Dr. Lancer advises that as…


Four Different Treatments for Dark Spots on Legs

Hi everyone!

In this video, I share the content of my book (well, not my book as in “author,” but a book…

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Even Skin Tone | Effective Skin Brightening & Exfoliating

“Exfoliating targets the stratum corneum, and heightens the skin’s own natural regeneration. By getting all those…

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Products That Promise Brighter, Younger Looking Skin (Haul)

“Your infamous three-step method advises exfoliating the face every day. Isn’t this damaging to the skin?
Absolutely not. Daily exfoliation…

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