How To Get Rid Of Dark Knees [FAST]

Products: Body scrub Moisturizer with sunblock and  Hydroquinone 8% (Prescribed by dermatologist) Steps 1. Body scrub: By removing dead cells, you will encourage the build up of new cells that will be less dark in color. 2. Moisturizer: Use a moisturizer with sunblock, as it will restore skin to its original fair state without darkenedRead more


What exactly causes DARK UNDERARMS ?   1 Residue. antiperspirants/deodorants to prevent excess sweating. However, using it everyday can leave residue on your underarms (antiperspirants stick onto the skin more), which eventually makes it appear dark. 2. Shaving causes darkening.  Shaving cuts the hair on the surface of the skin only, and it makes yourRead more

Christina Milian Takes Her Braids Out For Post Work Out Drinks.

After a beach workout, Christina Milian  made her way to the Italian eatery “Mia Bella Roma” in Miami last night. She brought her braids along, rocking a pair of jeans, a tank and some studded boots. She accessorised with a back pack and a gun holster. She also tweeted: ‘Love these boots #zigigirl sent me.. Gracias’ Super cute. She alsoRead more

I Want: Christina Milian And Her Box BRAID

Guys! seriously, Christina Milian makes me want to get call my Mom and have her ship a carton of “Expressions” attachment to me. I know Christina’s braid may seem untidy as per African standards. But if you live outside of Nigeria/Africa, then you know how much we appreciate and long for braids especially if youRead more

Gorgeous Singer Keri hilson Signs To Wilhelmina Modeling Agency

Here we go…….. with the self ordained critics.does she have what it takes?how can you go from singing to modeling? is she loosing focus? People need to stop asking if she has what it takes and just be happy, for once be happy for someone else other than yourself. thank you 🙂 Work it Keri!Read more


How pretty is she guys? Love her! “I’m sure the announcement of Janelle Monae as a new face of CoverGirl probably blew your mind, but this new announcement is sure to give you a nasty (as in good) Kool-Aid smile on top of a blown mind!” YouTube makeup blogger, Talia Joy Castellano, is known for her prettyRead more

Get Rid Of Dark Spots, DarkUnderarm, Dark Knees. [Amazing Tricks]

 Most of these remedies were retrieved from several dermatologist consultation. Products Chemical peel Fade cream Chemical Peel Glycolic and TCA peels Chemical peels have been used by dermatologist to treat skin problems . With the most effective being Glycolic and TCA peels. Speaking from personal experience. Glycolic peel is a lighter peel, while the TCA peel is  more ofRead more