Four Different Treatments for Dark Spots on Legs


Hi everyone!

In this video, I share the content of my book (well, not my book as in “author,” but a book I own), “Cosmetic Dermatology for Skin of Color” with you all. According to the scientific research reported in this book, the following results were found (please watch video to get a better understanding):

Melasma Treatments:

1. 0.1% tretinoin and 5% hydroquinone (subjects saw 66%  improvement)

2. 0.1 tretinoin gel, and 4% hydroquinone and 7% lactic acid (subjects saw improvement after 4 weeks)
3. Aggressive treatment: 10% all trans retinol gel followed by a 5% hydroquinone and 7% lactic acid ointment (subjects saw improvement after 2-6 weeks)

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation:

1. 4% hydroquinone and 0.15% retinol (saw results after 12 weeks).

Where to Purchase Some Products:
Tretinion gel 0.1% (retin-a): Http://