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Dark Knuckles Serum
Grace Duo Serum
Scrub  Sunscreen
TCA Peel

TCA Peel Steps and Timeline

1st stage

The first stage involved in getting rid of dark knuckles is 2 weeks of intensive care.

Product: The products to use at this stage include TCA, Gloves and Grace Duo Serum

Routine: Rub the Grace Duo Serum and TCA on knuckles twice or thrice a day

While going to bed at night, apply the grace duo serum and ensure that you have a glove on to serve as occlusion. Apply both the big and small bottle of Grace Duo Serum. Note that the big bottle should be used as cleanser for the knuckles while the smaller bottle should be applied like a lotion.  Never apply TCA  and then use gloves; it will result in serious skin burns since it is a chemical.

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2nd stage

Peeling stage

The second stage is also known as the peeling stage.

Products: The product to use at this stage include Dark Knuckles Serum , Tretinoin and Gloves

Routine: Immediately you observed that the hand has started peeling, then it is time to apply Dark Knuckles Serum and Tretinoin, while doing this, Please always put on your sunscreen especially in the afternoons, you are more sensitive to sunlight because of  Tretinoin.  Medical practitioners have even advice that it should only be use at night times. At night, go to bed with TretinoinDark Knuckles Serum and with Gloves on.

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3rd stage


The third stage is basically the maintenance stage.

Products: the products that are used at this stage include TretinoinDark Knuckles Serum and Scrub.

Routine: As soon as your hands have fully peeled off, and your knuckles are no more sore or sensitive. At that point you can begin to use a scrub. Scrub your hand at least twice a day to stop dead skin cell from accumulating, you then rub Tretinoin and Dark Knuckles Serum, note that Tretinoin should be used only at night. Wearing of Gloves to bed at this stage may be reduced to just 2 or 3 times in a week. Also consider applying the Grace Duo Serum  twice a week for maintenance.



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Grace Duo Serum: Grace Duo Serum

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