How to Get Rid Of Dark spots, Dark Underarms, and Dark Knees Fast (New Trick)

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Here’s what I do to get of dark spots really fast.



Grace Duo


TCA peel


1. I mix the serum duo(i.e smaller bottle) with the TCA peel

2. Apply it on the affected area thrice daily

3. In one week the affected area begins peeling and in two weeks a new skin surfaces

Where to purchase Grace duo serum:

Where to purchase TCA peel:


How to get rid of dark spots fast:

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  1. Hello Rita,

    You are doing a great job helping ladies look beautiful….thank you.
    I have spots on my back and legs. I want to try the TCA with Grace Duo Serum.
    I’m hesitant to use the 100% strength, thinking it would be too strong.
    Do you dilute yours with water?
    If you don’t….tell be the effect on your skin after application.

    Many thanks,

    • My apologies Mercy! Just seeing this. Hopefully this is still relevant to you. At this point, what I do is purchase 30-50% TCA peel especially if I intend on using it on my legs. I’ve found that even when I dilute my 100% concentrated TCA, I never get he strength right. It’s either too strong or too weak.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing really informative points.
    I am suffering from Acanthosis Nigricans on my feet and hand fingers joints from my birth. I am 26 years old, with normal weight. I am not diabetic and used to play and do exercise regularly. I want to know whether how much percentage of TCA PEEL shall I use for getting my skin color normal as my whole body color is very fair. Please reply :)

    • Hi Friberg, Acanthosis Nigricans sounds like a pretty technical skin condition. Have you consulted a dermatologist or a certified aesthetican at least?

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