How to Lighten Dark Knees/Elbows and Maintain Results (Routine)

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Dark Knees and elbows are a tough nut to crack. Some dermatologist even argue that there are no permanent treatments for dark elbows and knees and some of the darkness comes from the skin redundancy that has to be there to allow your elbows and knees to bend.

That said, I am one who believes that there’s always a solution to every problem; even ones that some would consider “natural”. As long as you are willing to search, albeit diligently, you will find. Did you know that you can lighten and maintain results with a regimented use of chemical peel, tretinoin, alpha hydroxy lotion, and a skin lightener? See below post for detailed instructions.


Products You Will Need + Purchase Links

  • Chemical peels, preferably TCA (feel free to use any of the links below):

TCA peel:

Glycolic peel:

Lactic acid peel:

  • Skin Lightener: Preferably menotone (Use any of the links below):


Kojic Acid Cream:



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Starting the Regime

You may start by administering a chemical peel on your knees and elbows and then ease into the daily routine a day or two later.


Daily Routine

In the morning after showering with your kojic acid soap, apply your Aha moisturizer (example, amlactin) and skin lightener

After your evening shower, apply skin lightener and Tretinoin on the elbows and knees


Monthly Routine

Exfoliate once every 2-4 weeks with a chemical peel. Somewhere between 15-50% depending on your skin type and tolerance. I like to use TCA in 50% concentration every 3-4 weeks. For me, this concentration and duration of re-administration still varies. Trying to find a sweet spot.


Preventive measures

  • Avoid leaning on your elbows and knees. This is particularly hard, especially since it’s sometimes done unconsciously, but it is doable.
  • Remember to exfoliate with a light chemical peel once a week
  • For added effect use exfoliant soaps such as Kojic acid(it really helps to slough off dead skin cell) I have proof!
  • If you have a scrub, feel free to scrub your knees and elbows with your scrub(scrub: before shower. It offers added exfoliating benefits. One can never over exfoliate…lol..just kidding! Go easy with all these stuff.


***Using a prescription-strength retinoid(tretinoin 0.1%: helps maintain the results from your chemical peel.

***Regardless of which treatment you undergo, sunscreen(sunscreen: is a critical component to maintaining your results.