How to Mix Kojic Acid Powder Into any Lotion – Skincare Tutorial

In this skincare tutorial, I show my lovely viewers how to mix their Kojic Acid Powder. One thing to keep in mind though is, whilst you can mix your kojic acidpowder with most any lotion, it is best mixed with an alpha hydroxy acid based lotion (alpha hydroxy acids include: lactic acid, glycolic acid and fruit acids).

A few FAQs:
1. Do I need to worry about the amount of water to add to my Kojic Acid mixture?
No! You absolutely do not need water to help this Kojic Acid Powder dissolve. Simply mix the solution starting from the surface (top), and slowly work your way to the bottom.

2. How much Kojic Acid Powder do I need to make my lotion effective?
About half of the Kojic Acid Powder should do justice to your skin. However, BECAUSE we all have different skin types, and which have different penetration strengths, it means that while about half
the kojicacid powder mix maybe okay for some, others might need a quarter and yet some others might need the full powder mix.

► Kojic Acid Powder:
►RS Skin Beautifying Cream:
►Spf Moisturizer
►Retin A/Retinol Based Moisturizer
1. (prescription strength)
Menotone Anti spot Face Cream

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