Kojie San Soap Review | Kojic Acid Soap Before and After

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Hi Guys, in this video, I discuss lightening suntan-on skin-with the Kojie San soap.I also touch on treating uneven skin with the Kojie San Soap. This soap has received rave reviews as being effective. I generally steer clear of kojic acid based soaps because of their tendency to whiten the skin. Like literally whiten the skin, and, well, that’s not really the look I’m going for lol. That said, if your goal is to brighten your skin, I think the Kojie san soap is a better option. As usual, your input is GREATLY appreciated.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys, how are you guys doing today. So it’s 5:42 AM, I went to get my tooth drilled yesterday and I came and I was trying to film a video and I fell asleep. I woke up this morning at about 4:00 AM, and I was like “I have to film a video.” So if I sound a little bit sleepy please bear with me. Let’s get on with it!

So I wanted to do a Kojie San, some of you have requested that and actually prior to even getting requests to do a video I have always wanted to do a proper review and as you can see here this is my video, it was filmed a couple of weeks ago, few weeks ago actually and I had purchased my first or second pack of Kojie San soap. As of now I think I’m on my third pack so that will make it like 7 soaps so far. This is me, I was going to the gym and I decided to take some photos, these don’t have the best lighting but knowing me for who I am that was the only time I could take that picture, that was an evening when I had no other option but I wanted to show you guys what this soap had done to my skin, my body.

Disclaimer: I have to say this little [1:45], ok? Kojie San soap is not the only thing I use on my body. Prior to using a Kojie San soap you guys know I used Nadinola for my dark spots and I also use… probably not as consistently as I would like to but I use Alpha Hydroxy lotion; the studio 35 face cream and I noticed it was a lot for just my face so I was like oh sure, why don’t I use this on my body? So I was using this and my Nadinola, ok? And from time to time I would use my shea butter, you guys know the benefits of using shea butter on your skin, I can’t over emphasize it, that’s already a dead issue [3:00], but yeah, back to the Kojie San.

I was really surprised, what I really love about Kojie San is the fact that it kind of washed away some of my imperfections, not all of it but a lot of it. I like that it kind of gave me a more even skin tone but again I was skeptical, I was like is it my Kojie San soap or are the results I’m seeing a consequence or are these results from the work I’ve been putting in by using all those other products? But yeah, one thing you need to know about the Kojie San soap is it does lighten your skin, ok? Not lighten as in turn you into Michael Jackson but it does brighten your skin, it gets rid of sun tan. As you can see here some people have done reviews on this soap, you can see this lady here, I don’t know how true this is, this looks a little bit more contrived but you can see the difference in here complexion, how it had taken care of her freckles, that’s kind of odd, I thought freckles were kind of tough to treat. And this guy here he pretty much uses it for his acne scars. So yeah there are several benefits of using the Koji San soap, and for me what I got from it, the biggest thing, the greatest benefit from it for me was that it kind of cleansed my skin if you will. These are not the best pictures, I could have done better but I just wanted to have something here for you guys, so if you want to buy the Kojie San soap go ahead and buy it, expect results in like 2 – 3 weeks. Yeah, that’s it for me guys.

Remember this soap is a soap that contains papaya, papaine extracts, so it does lighten up your skin in the sense that it will get rid of dead skin cells that clog our skin and it leaves with dull skin, so it will brighten your skin. So yeah, that’s all from me guys. If you have questions free to ask but I just wanted to make this short quick video for you guys. Have a great day, take care.