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Products That Promise Brighter, Younger Looking Skin (Haul)

“Your infamous three-step method advises exfoliating the face every day. Isn’t this damaging to the skin?
Absolutely not. Daily exfoliation…


New and Improved Treatment for Dark Knuckles (Science -Based)

A word from the author: let’s face it, having dark knuckles comes with a stigma. There…


Full Body Exfoliation

A full body exfoliation works to remove with ease dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface, revealing the newer…

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Why We Need Alpha Hydroxy ACID Asap!

Who knew an acid could feel so good?

Where to buy Am Lactin: http://amzn.to/1T6uX00
Where to…

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How to Brighten Your Skin


Morning: After your morning shower, apply…

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How To Get An Even Skin Tone

In this video, I discuss how to achieve an even skin tone and why you need…

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How to Lighten Dark Knees/Elbows and Maintain Results (Routine)

Dark Knees and elbows are a tough nut to crack. Some dermatologist even argue that there are no permanent…

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