Products That Promise Brighter, Younger Looking Skin (Haul)

PicMonkey Collageexfoliation

“Your infamous three-step method advises exfoliating the face every day. Isn’t this damaging to the skin?
Absolutely not. Daily exfoliation triggers a cascade of healing action in the skin; the body recognizes the abrasive feeling of exfoliation as injury, even though it is not, and thus increases blood flow to the skin, increases epidermal growth factor and collagen, and speeds up the skin’s cellular cycle. Regular exfoliation also helps slough away dull, dry surface cells and helps reveal the fresh glowing skin beneath. The risk that is run with daily exfoliation is due to poor quality products” (Fenwick, 2015).

Products Mentioned:
The Cleansers:
Alpha hydrox: & Mario Badescu:
Alpha Hydroxy Body Wash:
Skin Brightening Cream:


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