Retin A (Tretinoin) or TCA Peel to Refresh Your Look?

The semester has just ended and my skin could use some cleansing. The final weeks on the semester were BRUTAL. I did some unpleasant things to my body particularly my skin, and situations like these call for some aggressive skincare by way of chemical peels or exfoliants.


So far, I have narrowed down my choices to a TCA peel and a Tretinoin cream (aka retin a). Which one should I go with guys?

Products Mentioned


TCA Peel

Tretinoin (Retin A)



Mary kay acne gel

Pantethine pill


Kojic Acid

Cape Fear Kojic acid cream

Kojie san cream


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Hi everyone, my name is Rita I started this channel hoping to get a skincare dialogue going via an audio-visual platform. I’m convinced that at least one skin concern would strike a chord.

Love ya! Enjoy.



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