Hyperpigmentation: How to Even Skin tone Without Bleaching

So…..we all know the elephant in the room right? No talks of treating hyperpigmentation is complete without a mention of skin lightening, or dare I say skin bleaching products. Also, we all know how controversial the topic of skin bleaching is even if it is for legitimate reasons. Well, in this video I talk aboutRead more

Kojic Acid Powder: Measurements

Hi everyone, in this video I talk about the proper measurements & mixture of 12oz, 8oz, & 4oz Kojic Acid lotion.     12oz lotion 4 level tablepoons of kojic acid and 4 caps of white pigment serum. Add to 12oz for 12.16% lotion 8oz lotion 2 level tablepoons of kojic acid and 2 caps of whiteRead more

New Book Alert: I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Picked this up for $13. Only 2 chapters in, & I’m tempted to write the author, Ramit Sethi, a check for what I think it’s worth. #WellNotReally  #ButSoWorthIt. If you fall in either of these below categories, this book would be a great book to check out: You live in the US You Go to school inRead more