How to Use Chemical Peels | | Got My TCA Peel!

In this video, I discuss how I use chemical peels (TCA peel/Lactic acid peel) to treat hyper-pigmentation. Go-To-Guide on how to use all types of chemical peel: Chemical Peels TCA PEEL: LACTIC ACID PEEL: GLYCOLIC ACID PEEL: See more helpful videos below: Peel 101: What To Use (Acne, Skin Lightening, Anti-aging..etc)ย Read more

How To Get Rid of Spots on Your Face – Anti Spot Cream Results!

Hi Guys, I’m a bit under the weather, but I just thought to film this video today because I have received countless emails from you all asking for more on Menotone– the product I use to get rid of dark spots on my face. Hope you find this video helpful. I went to see theRead more

How to Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Legs Fast

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Your Legs Fast — Live Your Life In this video I discuss 3 ways to get rid of dark spots on legs. This is also a video response to an email question from one of my wonderful viewers. Products Mentioned Tretinoin: Hydroquinone: Http:// Extreme Glow Lotion: ExtremeRead more

How to Get Rid of Dark Knuckles in 1 Week [Tutorial]

Hi guys, in this video, I discuss how I got rid of dark knuckles in a 1 WEEK. A lot goes into TREATING dark knuckles and maintaining results, but I simplify them in this 6 minute video and give you a play-by-play of what I do, not only to get rid of dark knuckles, butRead more

Spots Update: Legs Done Peeling | Nigeria

Hey Guys, here’s an update of how the spots on my legs are faring (fading?). I have sent for before photos all the way from Nigeria -for does who are wondering how bad my spots were. This could also serve as an inspiration (maybe) to those in the nascent stages of their treatment. I’ve comeRead more

I am Dark Skinned with Mosquito Bites & Severe Hyper- pigmentation

  Ask Rita Question:Hello!ย I’ve been watching your youtube videos and find them very interesting. I love your results and ideas. I have dark skin and and suffer severe hyper-pigmentation, on my legs specifically from mosquito bites.What are some of your recommendations on a remedy to diminish the spots?ย Anxiously awaiting your reply.Keep up the great work.Read more

New Product: How To Lighten Dark Spots

‘ Ladies! Here’s a new product for treating dark spots. This is especially relevant for people in West Africa who do not have access to a dermatologist.