I am Dark Skinned with Mosquito Bites & Severe Hyper- pigmentation

  Ask Rita Question:Hello! I’ve been watching your youtube videos and find them very interesting. I love your results and ideas. I have dark skin and and suffer severe hyper-pigmentation, on my legs specifically from mosquito bites.What are some of your recommendations on a remedy to diminish the spots? Anxiously awaiting your reply.Keep up the great work.Read more

New Product: How To Lighten Dark Spots

‘ Ladies! Here’s a new product for treating dark spots. This is especially relevant for people in West Africa who do not have access to a dermatologist.

Fade Acne Scars & Dark Marks With One Soap (Watch)

This soap really helped me get through my acne scarring phase. It’s called “K-BROTHERS Original USA Beauty Care Face Out For Black Spot.” (What a name!) You can purchase it HERE

An UnConventional Way of Getting Rid Of Dark Spots On Legs

Growing up, I had spots all over my legs. Looking back now, I wish I had someone come at me with this idea. That way, I wouldn’t have to go through all I went through as a girl.

How I Got Rid Of Dark Spots on My Skin

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had dark spots. Especially,  because of the sensitivity of my skin. As a child I would often hear some of my family members worry for me and say things like “who is going to marry this girl with this her skin.” I was a kid, aRead more