Spots Update: Legs Done Peeling | Nigeria

Hey Guys, here’s an update of how the spots on my legs are faring (fading?). I have sent for before photos all the way from Nigeria -for does who are wondering how bad my spots were. This could also serve as an inspiration (maybe) to those in the nascent stages of their treatment. I’ve comeRead more

I am Dark Skinned with Mosquito Bites & Severe Hyper- pigmentation

  Ask Rita Question:Hello! I’ve been watching your youtube videos and find them very interesting. I love your results and ideas. I have dark skin and and suffer severe hyper-pigmentation, on my legs specifically from mosquito bites.What are some of your recommendations on a remedy to diminish the spots? Anxiously awaiting your reply.Keep up the great work.Read more

Say Goodbye to Dark Spots on Legs

Moisturize with Bio oil or Shea Butter to avoid an uneven skin tone while spots fade. If you are unable to get to a dermatologist, which I strongly recommend you find one, then, you can search online for it. Here are a few websites I think sell these products: 1. 2. Isis Cosmeticeutical (headsRead more

New Product: How To Lighten Dark Spots

‘ Ladies! Here’s a new product for treating dark spots. This is especially relevant for people in West Africa who do not have access to a dermatologist.

Daily Regimen For Bright, Glowing Skin (Video)

Products you’ll need: 1. Kojic acid soap 2. Morning burst by Clean and Clear 3. Deep cleaning toner by Clean and Clear 4. Lactic acid peel Video:   1.  Morning Burst Use this scrub every morning before shower(daily)   2.  Kojic Acid Soap Use this to  soap wash your face(daily)   3.  Deep Cleaning Toner  AfterRead more