How to Get Rid Of Dark spots, Dark Underarms, and Dark Knees Fast (New Trick)

Here’s what I do to get of dark spots really fast. Products: Grace Duo TCA peel Steps 1. I mix the serum duo(i.e smaller bottle) with the TCA peel 2. Apply it on the affected area thrice daily 3. In one week the affected area begins peeling and in two weeks a new skin surfacesRead more

How To: Conceal Dark Spots With an Orange Concealer For Amazing Results

  How To: Conceal Dark Spots With an Orange  Concealer For Amazing Results How To: Conceal Dark Circles With an Orange Concealer For Amazing Results  Watch below:   Photo Credit:

An UnConventional Way of Getting Rid Of Dark Spots On Legs

Growing up, I had spots all over my legs. Looking back now, I wish I had someone come at me with this idea. That way, I wouldn’t have to go through all I went through as a girl.

How I Got Rid Of Dark Spots on My Skin

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had dark spots. Especially,  because of the sensitivity of my skin. As a child I would often hear some of my family members worry for me and say things like “who is going to marry this girl with this her skin.” I was a kid, aRead more

Get Rid Of Dark Spots, DarkUnderarm, Dark Knees. [Amazing Tricks]

 Most of these remedies were retrieved from several dermatologist consultation. Products Chemical peel Fade cream Chemical Peel Glycolic and TCA peels Chemical peels have been used by dermatologist to treat skin problems . With the most effective being Glycolic and TCA peels. Speaking from personal experience. Glycolic peel is a lighter peel, while the TCA peel is  more ofRead more