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Four Different Treatments for Dark Spots on Legs

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In this video, I share the content of my book (well, not my book as in “author,” but a book…


New and Improved Treatment for Dark Knuckles (Science -Based)

A word from the author: let’s face it, having dark knuckles comes with a stigma. There…

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Why We Need Alpha Hydroxy ACID Asap!

Who knew an acid could feel so good?

Where to buy Am Lactin: http://amzn.to/1T6uX00
Where to…

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Detailed Guide on How to Treat Dark Spots on Legs(Fast!)

How to get rid of dark spots on Legs (Tretinoin 0.1%, Hydroquinone, and Chemical Peel)

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HyperPigmentation | Where Can I Buy Hydroquinone In 5%?

Please read  before using hydroquinone: http://www.thedermablog.com/is-using-hydroquinone-to-treat-dark-spots-safe/

Disclaimer: All content in this video is for…

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Alternatives To Hydroquinone

Here’s a website I just found. It appears they sell these hydroquinone alternatives which have little or no side effect….


Products: The Truth About Getting Rid Of Dark Spots


If there is anyone who can relate to dealing with dark spots (hyper-pigmentation) it’s ME.  I have…

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