How I Peel My Face In A Day

Here’s a link to the lactic acid peel I use on my facial skin: It also has kojic acid. Kojic Acid: Kojic acid, often used as an ingredient in Asian diets, is a more recent discovery for the treatment of pigmentation problems and age spots. Discovered in 1989, kojic acid is now used extensivelyRead more

Kojic Acid || Safe Skin Lightening Agents

Safe Skin Lightening Agents To Treat Hyperpigmentation. Below are a few: Botanical extracts such as Kojic Acid, Hydroxy acids such as Lactic acid…etc Watch entire video for all agents. Source: Skin Talks by Dr Sharad Watch:  

Fade Acne Scars & Dark Marks With One Soap (Watch)

This soap really helped me get through my acne scarring phase. It’s called “K-BROTHERS Original USA Beauty Care Face Out For Black Spot.” (What a name!) You can purchase it HERE

New Products: How to Get Rid Of Dark Underarms/Dark Spots

  Β Kojic Acid Soap Kojic acid is used as an ingredient in some exfoliating and skin-lightening soaps. Usually combined with papaya extract or some type of fruit acid, these soaps buff away the top layers of the skin to reveal healthier skin underneath, while the kojic acid lightens any skin discoloration or dark pigmentation.  Read more