Spots on Skin – How to Get Perfect Legs in 1 minute – Inspired by MsGoldgirl

          In this video I talk about How to Get Perfect Legs in 1 minute. Guys, these quick fixes are for skin problems like spots that are not easily treatable. If you are fair-skinned, please watch MsGoldgirl’s video on this same topic: Truth be told, she inspired this video andRead more

3 Best Hydroquinone Alternatives | Skincare & Hyperpigmentation (Kojic acid and more)

          In this video we take a deeper look at hydroquinone alternative. I know a lot of people are scared of using hydroquinone so I decided to dig out the three best hydroquinone alternatives out there, taking into considering things like PRO’s and CON’s. The first alternative is Kojic acid……Hope youRead more

How to use Hydroquinone/Tretinoin on Hyperpigmentation, Skincare & Health

Hydroquinone is safe, but be sure to alternate with other lightening agents every 4-months
Do not use with peroxide or resorcinol
Do not use around the eye area

Get Rid Of Dark Spots FAST | How To Use Hydroquinone Safely

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast — How to Use Hydroquinone Safely In this video I discuss what I use to get rid of dark spots . This is also a response video to an email question from one of my wonderful viewers. Email:  for more help. On post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation; please readRead more

Get Rid Of Dark Spots Fast | Just Got My Hydroquinone!

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast — Hydroquinone In this video I discuss what I use to get rid of dark spots on my skin . Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation | please read before using hydroquinone:   Where to purchase Tretinion gel 0.1% (retin-a): Hydroquinone: Extreme Glow lotion: Extreme Glow Serum: more


How pretty is she guys? Love her! “I’m sure the announcement of Janelle Monae as a new face of CoverGirl probably blew your mind, but this new announcement is sure to give you a nasty (as in good) Kool-Aid smile on top of a blown mind!” YouTube makeup blogger, Talia Joy Castellano, is known for her prettyRead more