Hyperpigmentation: How to Even Skin tone Without Bleaching

So…..we all know the elephant in the room right? No talks of treating hyperpigmentation is complete without a mention of skin lightening, or dare I say skin bleaching products. Also, we all know how controversial the topic of skin bleaching is even if it is for legitimate reasons. Well, in this video I talk aboutRead more

Products: The Truth About Getting Rid Of Dark Spots

  If there is anyone who can relate to dealing with dark spots (hyper-pigmentation) it’s ME.  I have had to deal with dark spots for at least 18 years of my life and I have uncovered some truths from years of dealing with dark spots, that I´d  like to share with you today Consistency is key. ToRead more

Get Rid Of Dark Spots, DarkUnderarm, Dark Knees. [Amazing Tricks]

 Most of these remedies were retrieved from several dermatologist consultation. Products Chemical peel Fade cream Chemical Peel Glycolic and TCA peels Chemical peels have been used by dermatologist to treat skin problems . With the most effective being Glycolic and TCA peels. Speaking from personal experience. Glycolic peel is a lighter peel, while the TCA peel is  more ofRead more