How to Get rid of Acne Scars – My Tretinoin Appointment VLOG

T I M E   S T A M P 0:09 – Vlog Starts 2:29 – Nurse Enters 6:35 – Consultation Ends 6:47 – Heading to the Student Health Pharmacy to Grab my Tretinoin 7:58 – Got My Tretinoin, Leaving… Continue Reading

The Role Kojic Acid Plays During The Acne Treatment Phase

Also, I share a newly found technique on how I treat acne and severe hyper-pigmentation without applying any oily, and consequently acne causing skin lightening treatment on your face. Enjoy! Continue Reading

New and Improved Treatment for Dark Knuckles (Science -Based)

A word from the author: let’s face it, having dark knuckles comes with a stigma. There is a tendency for people to associate dark knuckles with skin bleaching, hence, self-hate. On the contrary, dark knuckles are caused by a host of factors including: skin… Continue Reading