How to Brighten Your Skin

Routine Morning: After your morning shower, apply cream onto skin while skin is still damp.  As you can tell, there is a sense of urgency here. The dryer the skin, the harder it is for the skin to absorb the… Continue Reading

Treating Hyperpigmentation | Lightening Spots| Face Cream

#AskRita** Question: Hi Rita, I just got my hands on the menotone cream you rave about. I would like it to work for me as effectively as it worked for you. How exactly do you apply the cream? Do you… Continue Reading

Skin Lightening Tips| Cream | Oh! The Controversy

Hi guys, like I said in my previous videos, I will keep you updated on how my specialist/mixologist cream works but I just thought I’d share this question with you. It’s a controversial topic, but as you can imagine, I’m… Continue Reading

What I Use to Treat Dark Spots On My Face

Hey guys, As some of you know I’ve had post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from acne around my forehead and cheeks for a while now… In this video, I discuss what I use to get rid of my hyper-pigmentation. P R O… Continue Reading

Kojic Acid || Safe Skin Lightening Agents

Safe Skin Lightening Agents To Treat Hyperpigmentation. Below are a few: Botanical extracts such as Kojic Acid, Hydroxy acids such as Lactic acid…etc Watch entire video for all agents. Source: Skin Talks by Dr Sharad Watch: