New and Improved Treatment for Dark Knuckles (Science -Based)

A word from the author: let’s face it, having dark knuckles comes with a stigma. There is a tendency for people to associate dark knuckles with skin bleaching, hence, self-hate. On the contrary, dark knuckles are caused by a host of factors including: skin… Continue Reading

Kanye West A Marketing Genius?

I went to school for Marketing.Yes! I actually paid to learn “how to get and keep people’s attention” yet none of what I was taught measure up the creative and marketing genius of Kanye West.  “If I were I a… Continue Reading

Beyonce Suprises Two Girls On The Street With Concert Tickets

They call it great PR, I call it a great act of kindness.   The photographer who posted the video on YouTube says: Beyoncé stepped out of her car and gave two random girls walking on the street 2 tickets… Continue Reading

YouTube Cracks Down On Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber & More For Fake Views

Would you be surprised to learn that some of your biggest artists’ music videos are patched up with fake views? (this is done in other to make the video appear more popular than it actually is). If so, then you… Continue Reading

PSY & MC Hammer “Gangnam Style” AMA Performance [Video]

So last night Psy the “Gangnam Style”king performed at the American Music Awards, i mean who need a record deal when you garner  over 700 million views on youtube in just months of video upload . Psy not only entertained the… Continue Reading

Cheil Usa Unveils Creative Campaign For Samsung

 I have being following this particular agency for a while now, and I seem to have taken a liking to their work. Cheil USA is a leading full service idea agency that partners with brands to create and execute original… Continue Reading