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What I Use to Treat Dark Spots On My Face

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Hey guys,

As some of you know I’ve had post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from acne around my forehead and cheeks for a while now… In this video, I discuss what I use to get rid of my hyper-pigmentation.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys, how are you guys doing today. I filmed a video in a while, just because I’m still sick, I’m currently dying and this week has just been really hectic for me but I was like today I’m going to come here and I’m going to make an effort, ok? So even if this video is poor please bear with me. Yeah! Let’s get into it.

First thing I want to talk about today is a cream that I’m using on my face to treat dark spot. People have been telling me this thing, it’s been going on for a while now and I decided to buy, and it’s not really popular, I decided to buy it and try it and when I tried it I was really amazed but I was also surprised and also scared for my life because of the rate at which I saw results, ok?

This cream is supposed to help you treat dark spots on your face but let me tell you something, when you buy this thing don’t use it on your face alone, buy a moisturizer and mix it with the moisturizer and rub it on your face, and this shouldn’t be used over an extended period of time, this is just something that’s temporary. Once you’re done treating your dark spots just leave it aside, ok? If you get dark spots again pick it up and use it but don’t use it over a prolonged period of time because I don’t trust it number one, it worked too fast. I don’t think they’re being transparent with what they put inside this cream. The name of the cream is called monotone. It just says monotone face cream multi action spot remover, UVA and UVB for healthier younger look, dermatologist tested. I don’t believe you guys. [2:11] I just wanted to share this with you guys, like I said it’s not popular and you won’t find it anywhere, it’s really scarce but I was able to get my hands on this and I’ll leave a link below to where I purchased it.

If you a question about these or this feel free to ask me, if you have questions about anything in general about skin care feel free to ask me and I’ll answer, ‘m not afraid, nothing is beyond limits, whatever you think it is feel free. This is a no judgment zone, ok? Bye guys, take care.